CleanOral® Electric Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner

"My dentist suggested I purchase one of these to help my oral hygiene routine. It took me by surprise as it offers a really deep clean. My gums have never felt so clean!" - Chad K, USA

CleanOral® Electric Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner  

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$39.95 USD$79.95 USD

Do you want noticeably cleaner teeth while saving massive amounts of money and at the comfort of your own home?CleanOral® is designed to deliver these results from the first use!

Healthier Gums - Removes dental plaque, dental calculus, and stains which prevents gum disease.

Safe Materials - Uses food-grade silicone stainless steel head and IPX6 level waterproof security system to fully protect your gums while using it.

Ultrasonic technology - Recommended by dentists and professionals as it effectively removes dental bacteria, plaque, and tartar buildup.

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Say Hello To A Cleaner Set Of Teeth! 👋

Clean your teeth like a pro in the comfort of your home, without any pain or sensitivity! This allows easy clean up on calculus, tartar and dental plaque on the surfaces and gaps between your teeth by high-frequency vibration, decreasing the bacteria level in your mouth.

CleanOral® Features:

Clean and fresh breath

Ultrasonic technology

Efficient cleaning

Premium materials

Long battery life



"I must say I was skeptical at first! But this really worked! I’ve noticed a big difference in my teeth and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to get rid of that stubborn plaque! I was able to scrape off most of it and it’s not painful either. Amazing product and impressive results speak for itself. If you are hesitating to get this, well don't because it is worth every penny! "

Shelly Traynor - Atlanta, US


"It works wonders. I've had several other models, but this one is the best so far. It's literally a kit that comes with a lot of different parts, so that you are able to clean your mouth throughout without missing a corner. If you hate flossing, then this is for you. It's never been easier to clean your teeth, and I mean this!"

Brady Barrett - Brisbane, Australia


"I've had stains on my lower front teeth for several years now. Haven't gone to a dentist and maybe I should, but this thing just took out a good 50% of them in about two minutes. It really does take away stains. I am really impressed. Easily one of the best investments you could make ever. You will save a lot of money and actually see amazing results!"

Daryl Calvert - Toronto, Canada

Remove Plaques Instantly

CleanOral® is designed to remove dental plaque, hard tartar, stains and dental calculus with ease and instantly! 90% of our customers see their results within their first use!

Safe and Effective

Uses food-grade silicone and stainless steel head while also providing IPX6 level waterproof security system which ensures security and safe and effective use!

Save Money

Say goodbye to very expensive dentist appointments. Save extreme amount of $$ while being effectively cleaning and keeping your gums healthy at the comfort of your own home!

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1x CleanOral® Electric Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner

CleanOral® Electric Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner (1x set)


$79.95 USD$39.95 USD

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2x CleanOral® Electric Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner

CleanOral® Electric Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner (2x set)


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  • 10+ Year Use Life

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2x - Green2x - Pink1x Green and 1x Pink

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Can't find question? email us support@luxenth.com

Is the device really effective?

Yes,our Dental Scaler has up to 12,000 vibrations per minute for an outstanding teeth cleaning effect. It helps to remove dental calculus/tartar/plaque/teeth stains from teeth surface, between teeth and under gums. Moreover, it whitens your teeth and prevents bad breath, maintaining your teeth and gums healthy during long time use. Please send us an email if any further questions to support@luxenth.com

How long does it hold after a full charge?

A full charge supports about 15 days use if you use it 3 minutes each time and twice a day.

Can I use the device with braces?

Yes, CleanOral® is suitable for everyone as well as those with braces.

Does it hurt?

Not at all if used correctly. Slight gum bleeding when using the device is a normal phenomenon.

Will it cause infection?

It is suggested not to cross-use the dental scaler with others. The equipment can be disinfected with alcohol before use.

Will the device whiten my teeth?

No, it cannot whiten your teeth dramatically, but it reveals the natural color of your teeth. Long term use of the device will help keep your oral healthy. More importantly, you will develop a good habit of teeth cleaning such that when you finish eating, gargle in time, you will brush and scale your teeth at night and not eat after brushing teeth.

How to use it correctly?

Look in the mirror and apply the metal head to the part of the tooth to be treated. Press slightly to remove any dental plaque or tartar. It's recommended to start with the lowest level first. High levels are prone to cause gum bleeding when you’re unskilled. For more details, please refer to the instruction manual.

Is it noisy when one is using it?

When in operation, it produces a low noise of less than 60dB.

How long will it take to get here?

We use USPS shipping method (United States, Canada & United Kingdom) all coming from our USA warehouse 4-13 days.

We use UBI shipping method (Australia Only) 4-13 days.   

However, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, please bare with us as we expect delays that could last an extra 10 days.

Other countries can take up to 15-25 days.

Where is my tracking number?

You will receive an e-mail with all your required tracking numbers once your items have been shipped. Handling and processing your order often takes 1-2 days but may take up to 5 days on a busy week.